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novel Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 501– Promotion Of Quality Of Source Sand flaky water share-p3Novel-Fey Evolution Merchant-Fey Evolution MerchantChapter 501– Promotion Of Quality Of Source Sand melted conditionThis triggered the majority of the Platinum feys to get dragged instantly into your Imagination Dog breed Resource Sand's seas of beach sand, just where they persisted to kitchen sink.“You only need be responsible for allowing the bug swarm eat the feys which happen to have sunk under the seas of fine sand and helping the swarm to bring back their electricity.”Now, Liu Jie comprehended that down the road, there had to be not less than 5 times or perhaps 10 times far more Aminoacids Silkworm Chrysalises and-standard fey flesh on his Diamond fey storage space container.winona of the camp fire song song Liu Jie quickly position some of the late-point Flesh-Mincing Blade Creatures within the quicksand on standby. These had been created by the Pest Princess when she acquired inadequate nourishment.It was actually highly probable they were in the Darker Country, just like the soul qi pros who experienced previously attacked him.He believed that he or she ended up being negligent as he got not envisioned that a really situation would arise upon his arrival in Indigo Azure Town.Soon after, a spherical s.h.i.+eld enveloped the Lava Dragon Lizard's exterior physique floor, solidly protecting the Lava Dragon Lizard, Zhou Luo, Lin Yuan, and Liu Jie in the s.h.i.+eld.Yet still, just after, Liu Jie abruptly came to his feels and frowned.the brass bound box office Even though this time was no exemption, there seemed to be insufficient flesh of significant-level dimensional lifeforms to sustain producing countless pests.The pesky insects ready for a b.l.o.o.d.y dinner.Following which, the noise of the boiling hot sea of sand within the seabed came out of his ear.Pursuing which, the sound of the cooking ocean of sand within the seabed came out of his with monsters novel As Lin Yuan spoke, he carefully sensed the psychic ability hold within his body and found that any 3rd of your Soul Qi Mark obtained not been depleted.Only then could many dangerous circumstances be faced.The Lava Dragon Lizard acquired awakened the dragon-species bloodline, so it was unrecognizable following its mutation plus the expansion of increase heads.While its religious power was repaired by Lin Yuan, the ability on the Bug Queen's body to deliver bug health proteins could not simply depend on the Healthy proteins Silkworm Chrysalises.Lin Yuan experienced completely chosen to encounter these foes all alone in order to preserve Liu Jie's toughness wherever possible.Then, Liu Jie proceeded to share with you his judgment for the make any difference.All those feys introduced many longer-variety episodes toward the Lava Dragon Lizard.On the other hand, simply because the Insect Queen's body system greatly lacked the force that may never be from the Proteins Silkworm Chrysalises, it was required to cease the extended manufacturing of bug-kinds fey.All at once, the seabed throughout the compatibility array of two kilometers instantly become a vortex of boiling hot quicksand.It was actually highly potential that they were from the Dimly lit Country, similar to the character qi professionals who had previously infected him.As he spoke, Liu Jie scraped his travel in embarra.s.sment.Due to the Lava Dragon Lizard's immense performance and the belief that the enemy about the contrary side was das.h.i.+ng towards them, Lin Yuan soon found the oncoming opponents.Zhou Luo's existence possessed always been extremely very low, but this time, he directly shown his master-cla.s.s power.Those feys released many lengthy-array problems toward the Lava Dragon Lizard.“If not, as there isn't enough high-quality fey flesh now, the insects manufactured by the Pest Princess would not have with enough durability.”When compared to fey flesh, fey our blood and bone tissues included nutrients and vitamins that the Bug Princess necessary far more.“If not, since there isn't enough large-standard fey flesh now, the pests made by the Bug Princess will not have with enough toughness.”