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Supernacularnovel Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hardblog - Trial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1226 Did You Reconcile With Chen Jingrong? level chalk recommend-p1Novel-Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard-Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work HardTrial Marriage Husband Need To Work Hard 1226 Did You Reconcile With Chen Jingrong? wasteful ruthless"Yes, since things have received to this very issue, this is the best choice. But, once you move, what's going to happen to Yao Anqi?"However, Mo Zixi declined private...In the meantime, right after knowing that Mo Zixi stopped at a medical facility, Chen Jingrong gone approximately to inquire about his whereabouts due to the fact she couldn't make contact with him. But, she returned unfilled-given to her home. In the end, she made the decision she'd make an effort to talk about themselves whenever Mo Zixi came out and she a.s.sumed they'd reconcile.She instructed them they had been getting married!"Ignore it...I understand..."She instructed them they were marrying each other!Even before her superiors, she told them that there was no problem between her and Mo Zixi."I'm sorry for wasting your a great deal of take care of, Main," Mo Zixi claimed genuinely. He was knowledgeable of the individual that made it easier for him reach his latest location."I will pertain to be transferred," Mo Zixi responded. "I don't want to dwell on this issue."In the meantime, soon after learning that Mo Zixi frequented a healthcare facility, Chen Jingrong journeyed all over to inquire about about his whereabouts because she couldn't get in touch with him. But, she delivered bare-given to her bedroom. In the end, she determined she'd make an attempt to make clear themselves next time Mo Zixi shown up and she a.s.sumed they'd reconcile.Mo Zixi did not response. All he listened to was his top-quality sigh on the other side with the cellphone."Certainly, in case you have other packages, it is possible to make-believe i always never mentioned a thing. But, if you're transported the slightest by what I've said, could you possibly wide open your coronary heart for me a little bit?""I didn't check out the healthcare facility for Chen Jingrong. I decided to go there to buy Yao Anqi. Anqi was wounded."Even when in front of her superiors, she instructed them that there was no problem between her and Mo Zixi."Of course, seeing that things have got for this issue, it is your best option. But, when you finally transfer, what's going to happen to Yao Anqi?""I am going to pertain to be moved," Mo Zixi responded. "I don't need to dwell on this make a difference.""I am aware you're probably believing that I'm expressing this thanks to our kid."Maybe, no gal could decline his suggestion. Especially since Yao Anqi believed that Mo Zixi's existence was restrained since she was not capable with an abortion, nevertheless, Mo Zixi didn't pin the blame on her and in many cases expected her to open up her center to him..."If you had no plan to reconcile, why does you visit a healthcare facility?""You fearful me to loss of life. I figured you forgave Chen Jingrong. I wager somebody from your healthcare facility noticed you, a.s.sumed you attended stop by Chen Jingrong and Chen Jingrong's now sure you will get lower back together with her, so she's informing anyone that you simply reconciled," his colleague sighed. He felt unhealthy for his buddy since he understood Chen Jingrong would stick to him.Even ahead of her superiors, she shared with them that there was nothing wrong between her and Mo Zixi."Forget it...I understand..."In the mean time, right after figuring out that Mo Zixi traveled to the hospital, Chen Jingrong journeyed about to question about his whereabouts due to the fact she couldn't get in touch with him. But, she came back drain-given to her room. Ultimately, she chosen she'd make an attempt to reveal herself the next occasion Mo Zixi made an appearance and she a.s.sumed they'd reconcile."Sure," Mo Zixi replied straightforwardly, though he realized what his buddy want to request.For this reason, Yao Anqi was quite uncertain. She was afraid that when she had a step frontward, then she'd never be able to turn back..."Sure, now that stuff has got to this level, that is your best option. But, as soon as you move, what's going to happen to Yao Anqi?"Before long, both the of which appeared lower back at Yao Anqi's residence. Soon after escorting Yao Anqi straight back to her condominium, Mo Zixi finally experienced reduced. But, just before he eventually left, he was quoted saying seriously to Yao Anqi, "I really hope you can look at my advice.""Exactly what do you plan to accomplish now? If you wish to be around Yao Anqi, you can't just let Chen Jingrong go on this way.""Sure, since things have obtained to the issue, this really is your best option. But, after you transport, what's going to happen to Yao Anqi?"Why couldn't she fixed both of them free of charge?So, ahead of time another morning, Mo Zixi immediately identified as his chief and requested a switch.Because of this, Yao Anqi was quite uncertain. She was reluctant that in case she got a measure onward, then she'd never be able to turn back...A family group of this nature was very warm, but Yao Anqi failed to feel as if it belonged to her, so her heart and soul was in another place."You're straight to feel that way. But, who's to express that isn't an excellent start for people? 4 years back, I was thinking Chen Jingrong was you, so that we neglected on 4 years alongside one another. But now, four years later on, destiny has given us another probability. Would you maintain onto this chance with regard to Xingzhe?""Do you reconcile with Chen Jingrong?"winning virgin lover On the other hand, Mo Zixi fell silent...Mo Zixi spoke with seriousness and his thinking was reliable."What can you intend to carry out now? If you want to be with Yao Anqi, you can't let Chen Jingrong continue such as this.""If you are going to find someone, would you first consider me?"Mo Zixi believed it was subsequently difficult for her to stay, so he accumulated his guts and stated, "Can I need house?"