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If you maintain a website, do make arrangements to monitor it. You may be wondering why you must monitor your site. It is crucial to ensure that your site is accessible for the web traffic. If it's not up or functional, it will affect your organization goals. If the website experiences regular downtime and isn't fully functional, the principal purpose of the site is not being met. However, you cannot visit your website every few minutes and check if all of the elements are functional. Then, what to do? The solution is using a website monitoring service which keeps an eye on your site at any hour.Exactly what is a Website Monitoring Service? Website monitoring process checks and confirms your site is available, functional and performing as expected. It's the endeavor of good websites to help keep their website accessible and functional continuously. In reality, it is very hard to do so. There are numerous unavoidable circumstances due to which your site may experience downtime or malfunction. Although some downtime issues can be prevented, there are always certain items that can't be prevented. However, having a monitoring service will notify you the moment something is wrong. Thoughts is broken aware of an issue that is inside your site?s performance you can promptly address it. This can not only ensure the downtime is for less duration but also just a few customers will experience website uptime issues.Almost all the good monitoring services keep an eye on these basic top features of website monitoring: ? Site Availability ? Site load time ? Page element performance ? Server response time ? Avoiding DNS caching ? Multi-location monitoring ? 3rd party API performance ? Using top quality infrastructureDoes Your Business Require a Site Monitoring Service? For a business, a website is like a virtual store. If status is down or not performing you will lose customer leads and sales. Studies have found users switch to an alternative solution site, if your web page takes too long to load. Even malware can find its way into your site if proper measures aren't taken. Issues with your site could cause injury to your business by turning away potential customers. These problems could be avoided or minimized should you be promptly aware of the downtime and site performance issues. That's where a website monitoring service is helpful. While the need for the website monitoring service is clear, the challenge is that there are a plethora of service providers available for sale, including both free and paid services. Which will be suitable is an important decision for an internet business or a popular website.Which Monitoring Service WILL UNDOUBTEDLY BE Suitable For YOUR SITE? One of the primary differentiator is if the monitoring service is a free or paid service. Some services are available free for an effort for a limited time plus some services can be found free for the future. However, the free service may not be the most effective solution for a serious website because of limitations in the comprehensiveness of the functionality, the interval of monitoring, the absence of multi-location monitoring and insufficient quality service and infrastructure.For example, paid services spend lots of time to avoid giving false alerts of downtime. This needs both multi-location monitoring and comprehensive top quality functionality. A paid site monitor tool allows integrating with other software answers to expand the functionality and convenience of utilizing the solution. Further, paid services allow customization of the alerts, in order that a customer can choose the appropriate method of communication to get the alerts. A paid site monitoring tool also allows for escalation of the alerts to the specifications of the clients. The monitoring alerts when conveyed to the proper person inside your organization using the right communication method, can certainly help in quickly rectifying the errors or resolving the problems. Each one of these are practically useful site monitoring solution options that produce a big difference in owning a website properly.Each website and business might have unique needs. The individuals responsible for your website could have unique traits and preferences. It is important that you choose the website monitoring service carefully as it could make a big difference in helping you achieve your goals both financially and in addition ensuring the visitors have a good brand experience.