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Supernacularnovel My Youth Began With Him update - Chapter 4557 - Su Yu's Additional Story (7) earthy dinosaurs propose-p1Novel-My Youth Began With Him-My Youth Began With HimChapter 4557 - Su Yu's Additional Story (7) history dead“Young Expert Su, right? What is the issue?”“Okay.” Su Yu carried on to teeth.“I can provide you with extra time pay out.”Tiger and Tom and Other Stories for Boys Then, she checked out Su Yu with disdain…He was hesitant that after he awakens from his goal, every little thing would disappear completely.“Okay.” Su Yu continuing to grin.He didn’t want her to imagine he was wild.Really, everybody beloved money…“He’s so shameless…” Huo Mian muttered.Then, Su Yu obediently put for the sleep and waited for Huo Mian to inject him.Nevertheless, to Su Yu, her irritated appearance was very enchanting.Huo Mian investigated the director, not quitting.“He’s so shameless…” Huo Mian muttered.“I’m on burst today.” Huo Mian provided him another look of disdain.“Okay.” Su Yu continued to look.“But I am unfamiliar with you.”He pounced over much like a feeling hungry wolf, hesitant that every thing had been a fantasy.Su Yu shook his head…“Mian… it is so good to view you again…” His eyeballs were reddish.“I listened to it through the other nurses on this page.”“So don’t ever call up me Mian…”Really, anyone loved money…He refused to concede it, because… Huo Mian didn’t know him yet.“Mhm, it’s my recognize to always be put in the hospital at South Side… I am a lot more thankful to have Huo beauty inject me personally…”“It’s my novice experiencing this type of weird individual such as you. Have you been that prepared to be fractured?”“So don’t ever contact me Mian…”“Mian…”Huo Mian looked at the director, not giving up.Huo Mian went over with the IV plate and apparatus.“I’m on break up nowadays.” Huo Mian provided him another appear of disdain.“Mhm, it is my recognition being put in the hospital at South Side… I’m even more respected to own Huo natural beauty inject me personally…”Huo Mian acquired the plate and was approximately to leave…No-one knew how enthusiastic Su Yu was at that moment.Surprised, Huo Mian glanced at Su Yu and claimed, “Deal.”“But I am unfamiliar with you.”Then, he will have to get back to that d.a.m.ned desert…Huo Mian glanced at Su Yu’s confront as if she was investigating an idiot.Huo Mian found the plate and was approximately to leave…Director Wu coughed awkwardly and claimed softly, “Huo Mian, you recognize Youthful Expert Su?”