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Many Koreans living in cities like Seoul or Busan are familiar with the numerous skyscrapers and tall buildings surrounding the city. Many people are also aware of the numerous universities that are located within the vicinity. Residents of the metropolitan region have begun to recognize the distinctive architectural features of office buildings like the Ondol Academy, Gyeongju, Samsung Headquarters at Samsung Town in Busan and Ulsan University, Ulsan, or Ulsan University, or the Sungkyo Temple, Seoul.Furthermore, a few are becoming aware of the long-standing tradition of housing students from overseas at these establishments. Ondol, a Korean word that means "school located in a sea", is the Korean origin of the term. It was initially used to describe the highly regarded schools of Sejong University, Korea, and the Dacron School, France. It is used now to describe any educational institution that has hostel-style rooms. Therefore, "osher officetel" is an expression that refers to an establishment in which Jews can take a meal.Seoul and Busan are the only metropolitan areas worldwide with real estate markets that solely cater to the needs of the working class. This has made Korean apartments extremely popular with foreigners such as me. They provide me with a secure location to live in (as they are located in a country that is generally free of violence towards foreigners), but also allow me to work remotely, something I did not have the ability to do in my country of birth. This is much more easy to obtain, and I would rather live in a kosher apartmenttel to an apartment.Both Hebrew and English have different meanings of "Sabbath" as well as "suicide". The American public associates "Sabbath", with the beginning of the Christian celebration of Passover. But in Israel, Seder meals, which are the entire meal, eaten together with leavened bread, actually began prior to Passover. The origins of the term are more religious. People living in America mistake "Sabbath apartment" for a synagogue, or temple, because they know the word "Sabbath". To anyone not familiar with the history behind this term, this can be quite confusing.Let me clarify why I chose to use "Sabbath apartment" as a synonym of "speculum" by introducing you to the South Korean word, "portmanteau". Portsmith, as defined by the official dictionary, in South Korean means an architect who designs buildings or landscapes using many architectural elements from many sources. It's often used to refer to agents that sell real estate. Although the obvious significance of "portmanteau" is to combine architectural elements from a variety of sources, "portsmanteau," has more significance in Korean culture. In actual fact, "Portmanteau", which originates from "ray" which is another derivative "korean" that is an abbreviation of "mante", which means art.For example, "portsmith" is a real estate agency in South Korea that employs architects from other countries (e.g. Spain, Italy, or the United Kingdom) who have been trained in the building of real estate portfolios. As I mentioned above the importance of architecture is an important aspect of real estate marketing strategy in South Korea and is one of the major features of many commercial properties located in Seoul's capital. The "portmanteau" in "portsmith" could be understood as "high-class commercial buildings," but the cultural connotations behind the word "portmanteau" strongly suggest it is an appropriate word to use when describing any property that is considered to be high-end (in general, properties situated within or around the metropolitan area of Seoul). An agency that wants to brand itself in this highly competitive industry should be careful not to use terms such as "speculum" or "portmanteau" that could carry negative cultural meanings.This article will show how one business can stand above the rest. It advertises its serviced apartments as well as studio units on its website. By doing so, companies such as the ones that own their own website don't need to leverage local media or the World Wide Web to spread the news about their business. In some cases it is possible to save money by not promoting at all! This is the reason why a handful of smart entrepreneurs have taken the initiative of creating their own online real estate agency... It's not solely does having a website to promote your company's competence and professionalism and expertise, but it can also make you appear to be an authority on matters related to serviced office units studio apartments, studios and all other aspects of commercial real estate.