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Others believed that a gold earring served as a protecting talisman and that a man carrying an earring wouldn't drown. But the gold hoops weren't just swashbuckling vogue statements they served several useful functions. The gold dangling earrings can have different sizes, styles and shapes for you to choose from. But fabricated from silver or gold were value sufficient to pay for a sailor's funeral if his physique washed ashore. Earrings were given to younger sailors to commemorate their first crossing of the equator, or once they rounded the treacherous waters of Cape Horn, the southernmost tip of South America. They are undoubtedly fashionable and have turn out to be the demand of many a younger folks. The necklace stood the take a look at of time and it was found that it was designed out of pea sized mollusk shell beads which have been pierced to make it into a string. It can be zero speculate and then that can necklaces constructed with reefs beads even now fascinates makers and also appeals to necklaces buffs coming from all ages. Some pirates had been satisfied that sporting an earring would improve or even cure dangerous eyesight, as they believed that the valuable metals in an earring possessed magical healing powers. Some seamen even engraved the identify of their house port on the inside of the earring so that their our bodies may very well be sent to their households for a correct burial. The safety firm has clients in 20 nations, together with the U.S., and claims a long time of experience with what it calls in a press launch “secured boundaries projects,” like border crossings and dwelling confinement. If a man died on a ship, the earrings helped to cowl the cost of transporting his body residence so that he would not be buried at sea or on foreign soil. From Blackbeard to Jack Sparrow, pirates and sailors of outdated are sometimes depicted carrying earrings.