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Amazingfiction MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master - Chapter 113 - Auction (4) heal crush quote-p3Novel-MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master-MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild MasterChapter 113 - Auction (4) substance old-fashionedVIP 2 quote 75,000 rare metal!Every single product observed ardent bidding when the smaller sized guilds held combating over the bare minimum amounts to win the bidding warfare.70,000 planning thrice , congrats to VIP2 for the object.judgment the gamer life trophies The potion portion arrived at a close with this , along with the up coming segment on the unfinished tasty recipes started.Fairy said " Congratulations to VIP1 for successful the quote".The products kept coming , as more and more tasty recipes ended up out for auctions .22,000100,000 really going a second time...The product was not bad , along with many intrested bidders , specially the 2 nd fee guilds , they wished this item to be the foundation of the guilds economic climate.VIP 2 quote 75,000 gold!The other speed guild felt despair , it did not have a lot more than 70,000 water finances entire , need to he use more than 60,000 on a single object. It might be bad for the guild.29,000The following thing up was the Potion Quality recipes , this segment experienced several intrested buyers , potion tasty recipes may well be a single time expense that will make potentially limitless dividends , if most of the greeting cards are played out appropriately . Yet it is only well worth becoming ordered at the correct selling price , some potion dishes have a really nichè use , even though quality recipes are inferior for some other products and solutions on the market , exclusively for the best costs are it worthwhile.BUYOUT!The 2nd amount guild believed lose faith , it did not have greater than 70,000 liquid capital complete , must he use much more than 60,000 on a single object. It would be harmful to the guild.21,000Message : is not going to replace the level and voice !Buyout : 150,000 goldChapter 113 - Public auction (4)A lot of people checked towards VIP place 1 before putting the very first bid. They had been afraid so it would buyout the instant it absolutely was set.They had no choice but to relocate on. The mood obtained worsened though , everybody in the place was actually a small annoyed.100,000 heading one time.Thing 7 was look alteration potion/// Shoutout to Raging_silver for that 1000 coin gift idea! , Value that sibling ///Ilovesmashing cursed out loud " That cheeky ba*****, always a thorn in your area ".Simmilarly merchandise 3 proceeded to go for 50K to your thirdly level guild.100,000 moving when.Karna sighed at the arena , he failed to fully grasp Rudra's behavior by any means , shopping for elements whose label he obtained never heard , for those buyout costs , it was not most suitable within his viewpoint. Even so over and over Rudra indicates that his decisions always have a greater that means, as a result he trusted the leader and kept mom.70,000 heading after .26,000Cursing into their minds , they maintained their silence.21,000