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In October I had the pleasure of heading across town to GamesBeat 2015, a brilliant conference initiated by VentureBeat and rated as one of the top blogs on the internet' by The New York Times. VentureBeat is a top source for technology innovation news, events , and research. Their GamesBeat conference, which is now in its seventh year focuses on the latest developments in gaming. So when Authy was invited to participate in GamesBeat 2015, we were pumped. It's rare that pleasure and business be so easily combined. At Authy, we help online companies secure their data and protect their customers by making it super simple to integrate two-factor authentication into their service offering. However, we're gamers at heart, and so when a gaming platform ratchets the security of their platform we're more likely to initiate gameplay. Gamers Losing Trust? Hackers are a hot commodity for gamers and game developers due to the rise of virtual economies on gaming websites. Gaming profiles are now selling for thousands of dollars on the black market. Cybercriminals are most interested in multi-player games and the $11 billion annual revenue they generate. The in-game currencies of multiplayer games, like World of Warcraft gold, are easily stolen, exchanged, and easily cashed in for real cash, often in different countries, and without game developers having a clue. This kind of crime can be difficult to overcome, even if a company can restore stolen assets and/or pursue the perpetrators. The gamer loses confidence in the game. Even after releasing a more secure version or a brand new game getting back the trust of players isn't simple. But It Doesn't Have To Be This In Any... As users become frustrated by constant data breaches, they're demanding more responsible management from the companies that hold their data. Minecraft servers We all know that passwords aren't enough to protect us however we also are aware that a second authentication method can be used to verify an individual's identity. This will safeguard your service and your customers from data loss, fraud, or malicious attacks. Two-factor authentication is a perfect fit particularly in online multi-user games where players accumulate and trade value. Security in Just 10 Lines Of Code It's not hard to implement two-factor authentication. This is the basic gist of my presentation at GamesBeat 2015. Integrating Authy two-factor authentication is simple, reliable and powerful. And, with as little as 10 lines of code you can almost immediately use two-factor authentication to: Verify players during registration Log-in to secure high-value transactions and game progressions. You can also safeguard any in-game activity. Yes. Authy for Minecraft. To illustrate the point, I set up two-factor authentication on Minecraft to demonstrate: Text to voice or SMS at log in with Authy OneCode One Time Passcode generation to verify the user's identity using AuthySoftToken. Push notification with Authy One Touch lets users to swipe their smartphones to make purchases in game as well as any other actions that may require additional security. Hackers are no longer just after end-user data. Hackers are now attacking entire player communities, and some are even trying at destroying entire systems. If gaming developers integrate two-factor authentication across their platforms players will be better protected, developer account data will be better secured and brands will instill trust and loyalty amongst its players. As developers are aware, integrations between applications can be a time-consuming development process. Minecraft servers With Authy we've worked hard to ensure it's simple to use for any developer. The Authy REST API takes care of the tedious details such as key management and secure data structuring. You also get 2 end-points as well as pre-built libraries that will add security to your login flow using the language you choose: PHP, Ruby Python, Java, NodeJS, and more. If You're a Developer: Head to to learn more. There you can get a free API key, try it out, and show us how you've integrated Authy #2FA.